We're fueled by overpriced coffee and a passion for the internet. We're located in Ocean City, Maryland, with a digital wingspan that crosses the entire country.

  • Emmet McGovern
    Owner, Programmer

    Emmet worked with other local developers before taking on a large project with friends, and eventually starting fullcitymedia. He's a master of programming and one hell of a small business owner.

  • Chaz Jachimski
    Designer, Developer

    For over 10 years, Chaz has been the designer and developer of all things rad at fullcitymedia. He keeps up with the latest design and usability trends, always looking for ways to improve the process.

  • Jessica Lehman
    Office Manager, Billing

    Jessica is the Girl Friday of fullcitymedia. She takes care of everything behind the scenes, leaving the rest of the team to focus on current projects and day-to-day activities.

Help wanted

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