Plain and simple, we actually build our websites. We design and develop websites from the ground up to create a look-and-feel that is as unique as your business. Our goal is not to do every website -- we want to be the team behind the great ones.

Design & Development

Our sites are custom-designed to match the aesthetic of your business. They are developed and programmed line-by-line to make sure your final product is easy to use, looks great, and loads fast. We don't rely on templates or third-party site builders.

Responsive Web Design

RWD is a design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience, good legibility, and a navigation with little to no resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices. A single website that looks great on large desktop screens -- all the way down to current smart phones.

Content Management System

Updating your content regularly? We can build a content manager to control frequently-updated sections of your website. Our administration panels are customized to meet your site's requirements and are easy to use.

Custom Applications

Need something different? We can build it for you. We've built large-scale comparisons, multi-API music sharing networks, and file management applications. If you have an idea, chances are that we can help bring it to life.

Custom E-commerce

Looking to create a shopping experience like no other? Sometimes typical shopping cart configurations don't work, or a custom application needs to be written in order to meet your demands. We can make it happen

Custom Shopify

A custom shopping cart is not always 100% necessary -- but perhaps your options aren't as robust or demanding as you'd like. Or maybe you're working with a strict budget. Let us help you get set up by customizing a Shopify cart that helps you stand out from the clones. View some of our recent Shopify sites here


We offer standard annual hosting for all our clients. For clients with large data transfer and heavy traffic requirements, we can also provide dedicated ColdFusion hosting.


Affordable webcam hosting with no lag and no down time. Check out some of our hosted webcams here. Contact us for pricing.

Logo Design

Logos are an essential asset for your brand and website, let us help create the heiroglyphic that will unite your marketing presence.



When you receive a website from fullcitymedia, we make sure it's optimized to its best potential and you are given the necessary tools to grow your online presence.


Client / Developer Relationship

When you need updates, you will be speaking directly with the designer or programmer responsible for your changes -- not the sales rep from a print department that doesn't even know what your site looks like.


Site Updates

Monthly fees and unlimited updates don't work. We charge by the half hour for non-content-managed updates and they are completed within 48 hours (weekends excluded; emergency updates are available).


Social Sharing

In order to survive in today's web world, your site needs to be built with social in mind. Each page is built with custom tags that display appropriate information when shared on major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.



Social content is a staple for almost every business, keeping your followers informed of what's new and what's going on. Feature the latest posts from your Instagram feed directly on your website.


Email Campaigns

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor are great ways to create and send emails to your clients. Let us help by creating a custom template for you to send, one that matches your current or new marketing materials.



Roommaster is one of the most popular in-house reservation systems in the Ocean City area. We have a few tricks that helps integrate the system into our customers' websites to improve usability.


Google Analytics

We give our clients direct access to their analytics account, so they can monitor site traffic to determine what's working or what needs more attention.



The most commonly requested service in our industry. There is no golden ticket to the top of a search engine -- only a checklist of best practices and a bit of trial and error. Let us help find out what works best for you.


File Optimization

We do our best to optimize every site with current search engine trends in mind. Images and source code are compressed and minimized to improve loading time on desktop and mobile devices.


Page Redirects

You've built a reputation with Google's search engine and want to carry that over to your new site. Redirects can be used to help search engines find old pages or content that has been moved/consolidated within the new site we've created for you.